Wet Basement Waterproofing & Repair In Akron and Northeast Ohio

When it comes to wet basement waterproofing and repair, The Basement Doctor of Akron, Ohio, has you covered. Our waterproofing team provides with interior and exterior waterproofing services for homeowners in Northeast Ohio. With three decades of experience, our professional team has seen resolved all the leaky, nasty, moldy, and smelly basements.

However, we’re not in the business of taking notes. Our talented, experienced team provides concrete, long-term solutions to your various basement problems in the Northeast Ohio areas we service. No matter what your basement is used for, we can resolve your water problems and protect your home investment.

Through our basement waterproofing services, we’ll ensure you have a drier, cleaner, safer, healthier, and more energy-efficient home.

wet basement can lead to the following problems:

  • Mold growth
  • Damaged or ruined belongings stored in your basement
  • Stained and discolored walls and floors

When you’re faced with basement water damage, you need to act fast. The team at The Basement Doctor Akron, Ohio is more than happy to deliver the solutions you need. Our technicians can visit your home for a FREE inspection. During our inspection, we will pinpoint any areas where water may cause damage to your home. Once we’ve identified potential water damage issues, our technicians will create a plan of action to resolve your wet basement repair problems.

A drier home is a healthier home. No moisture means no damaged wood, no ruined belongings, no more musty smell, and no more mold growth! With our comprehensive basement waterproofing systems, you can enjoy a cleaner, safer basement.

Our Basement Waterproofing Systems

Our basement repair company uses the proven Guardian Waterproofing System to protect your basement. The Guardian Waterproofing System uses a pipe set in crushed stone along the perimeter of your basement. Next, the perforated pipe is channeled into a sump pump. Now, the Guardian Waterproofing System will safely drain water away from your basement, keeping it fresh and dry for the long-term.

If you don’t have a basement waterproofing system installed, we can install one for you. With water pushed out and away from your home, you can confidently enjoy your basement. Call us at 1-888-479-0209 today to schedule a consultation!

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