Foundation repair is easy for the experts at The Basement Doctor of Akron Ohio. With more than three decades of experience, we have seen everything! From sinking homes to bowed basement walls and leaky wall cracks, we have dealt with a long list of issues. However, each and every time, our contractors have delivered comprehensive solutions. No matter what foundational problems plague your home, we can help you.

Foundational problems are dangerous to the safety and value of your home. Even minor structural damage can lead to larger issues such as floor cracks, leaks in the foundation, and tears in your wall. Therefore, the longer you wait to fix your foundation problems, the more likely it is that your home’s structural integrity will suffer.

However, the team at The Basement Doctor can help. To start, we offer FREE estimates and inspections. Once we’ve identified the issue, we can immediately get to work. Our foundation repair services will fix your home’s foundation while preventing future problems from occurring. Our technicians and contractors will ensure your home’s integrity can withstand time and nature.

Are you worried about the cost of foundational repair? Firstly, we keep our prices competitive. We want to protect your family and the value of your home – not break your bank. Secondly, we offer financing options from local banks. Our payment plans are fair, manageable, and stress-free. Lastly, our foundation repair services are the best of the best. We charge a fair price and we guarantee you’ll receive the best services in the market.


We have a variety of foundation repair systems and services designed to fix your home’s structural problems. Here at The Basement Doctor of Akron Ohio, no job is too big when it comes to structural issues in the basement. Below are the services we provide for your home.

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