Is your floor sagging? Or is a musty smell drifting from under the floors? Your crawl space may be the problem. Unfortunately, crawl spaces are hard to repair and maintain. Luckily, The Basement Doctor of Akron, Ohio can fix damaged wooden materials underneath your home, and install crawl space encapsulation to prevent future damage.

Whether you need stabilizers to fix sagging floors or encapsulation services to prevent water damage, mold, and nasty odors, our crawl space specialists are ready and able to serve you.

Are you worried about leaks and water damage beneath your home? The Basement Doctor can provide you with professional crawl space encapsulation and repair.

Crawl space damage is alarming and should be taken seriously. However, we offer simple solutions that don’t cost a fortune. For example, our crawl space encapsulation services involve sealing your crawl space from the outside environment. Sealing prevents moisture and high levels of humidity from invading your home and causing damage. Additionally, sealing your crawl space prevents problems with damaged wooden support beams and rotten floor joists as well as mold growth. Lastly, unwanted critters won’t be able to invade your home when you properly seal your crawl space.

At The Basement Doctor of Akron Ohio, we utilize the best products. With award-winning products and services since 1987, we know how to provide durable, affordable, and long-lasting solutions. This means crawl space rencapsulation and repair services that work!

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When it comes to crawl space encapsulation systems and services, we have a lot to offer. From our vapor barriers and dehumidifiers, to all of our waterproofing and humidity control products, we guarantee we can provide you with a dry, safe, and healthy environment underneath your family’s home.

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