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Mold is dangerous and can lead to a variety of health problems. Therefore, an epoxy wall coating is perfect for a basement or crawl space with mold and bacteria growth. Our special wall covering is a mold inhibitor and is resistant to peeling or blistering. Lastly, our epoxy coating will stop nasty mold and mildew in its tracks by preventing future growth. Are you worried about mold? Let our epoxy wall coating give you the improved indoor air quality you want.


Installation for our basement wall coating takes one day or less. Our contractors apply the wall coating to the surface of your basement walls. The epoxy wall coating acts quickly in ridding your home of mold and musty smell. Lastly, our product protects your walls for a long time, ensuring your basement is safe from mold. A black or dark green fungus growing on your walls isn’t a comforting site. Additionally, clean and finished walls are a huge selling point for potential home buyers.

Let us keep your downstairs in your new family room or home theater clear of mold.


Our wall coating has numerous benefits. It’s quick to install,  it’s affordable, and it will also give your basement walls a finished look. Also, the biggest benefit is of our epoxy coating is its ability to prevent mold growth. No more mold makes for a much cleaner, healthier, and comfortable home.

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