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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Liners

Crawl spaces are easy to create and they save money during construction. Therefore, many builders build houses the same way. For example, some builders include cheap plastic sheeting in the crawl space. Common plastic sheeting quickly decays, cracks, and doesn’t stop damaging moisture and nasty odors from attacking your home. However, our Vapor Barrier Liners provides optimum protection for your crawl space.

Crawl Space Encapsulation | Vapor Barrier | The Basement Doctor | Akron Ohio

Vapor Barrier Liners Features And Benefits

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Benefits | The Basement Doctor Akron
Encapsulating your crawl space into a dry, usable space
Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Benefits | The Basement Doctor Akron
Professional-grade liner is designed to be a permanent part of the structure
Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Benefits | The Basement Doctor Akron
We also seal (not just close) the vents, stopping the damp, unconditioned outside air
Optional encapsulation system with durable vent covers and doors
Optional professional-grade dehumidifier designed specifically for the lower level

Did you know that 50% of the air you breathe comes from the lower level? Dirt crawl spaces allow moisture vapor and odors to rise up from the dirt. However, vapor from the dirt introduces problems to your home.

Furthermore, open vents allow energy-depleting outside air into the home. In summer, this air can carry dampness and humidity. As air warms it rises naturally, carrying with it all the spores, moisture, and odors up from the crawl space and into the rest of your home. In the winter you will experience cold floors above the crawl space without proper sealing and insulation. This drives your energy bills up as the outside air is fighting the conditioned air in your home.

Our Vapor Barrier Liners provide an extra defense to protect your crawl space, your interior air, and the safety of your home.

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