Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Breathe healthier, drier air with the NEW Touch Screen & Wi-Fi-Controlled 75 and 100 Dehumidifiers. In a technology-driven world, view your humidity levels and change the settings using your smart device from almost anywhere.

Dehumidifiers | AirMedic 75 & 100 | The Basement Doctor | Akron Ohio

Key Features And Benefits Of Our Dehumidifiers

Removes up to 100 pints or water per day
LCD touch screen and wi-fi control
Low temperature shutoff
Fan-only function
Filter hour indicator
Adjustable feet, integrated handles, Merv-11 filter
Quick release filter door
5-year manufacturer warranty
Dehumidifier | Wifi Application | The Basement Doctor | Akron Ohio


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Why You Should Install A Dehumidifier In Your Home:

Protect your family’s health:

Studies have shown long-term exposure to mold and mildew can become a serious health problem.

Save money on energy bills:

Reduce moisture and feel more comfortable at a higher air conditioner setpoint during summer months.

Clean up water damage:

A dehumidifier is a valuable part of a comprehensive water damage cleanup plan.

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